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I love all things textile, but especially needlework and embroidery.

It all started with my mother taking me to a Red Cross charity event when I was about eight or so. We picked up one embroidery each, and when they were finished, they were sold and the winnings donated to a good cause (-i'm sure, though I can't remember what exactly).

I picked up more and more embroideries, starting with simple colour-in canvaswork, and advancing to big cross stitch pictures to hang on the wall. Later in life I came to wonder why my mother never handed in any finished embroideries, and when I asked her she answered "Well, I never did any embroidery. I just pretended to work when I saw how much you liked it, and you didn't want to sit alone."  I'm still moved when I tell that story, such a nice thing to do for her daughter.

When I felt that I wasn't really challenged enough by the cross stitch kits, I looked for another input, and found there is a world of free embroidery out there. I quickly started expanding my repertoire, and it's still expanding, now with an added design element to it.

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Atelje Tredje Tvärgatan 3

802 84 Gävle, Sweden

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April 2019

Prague Patchwork Meeting


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