If you're curious about embroidery and needlepoint techniques -Check out my YouTube channel for tutorials on techniques, stitches and finishes. 

Hand Embroidery

The variety of stitches and combinations is truly fascinating and I have an endless list of ideas to try out in new projects.

My Workshops cover many different techniques, and I regularly post updates on instagram.

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I work as an Embroidery Techer at Västerbergs Folkhögskola, a Centre for Adult Learning in Sweden.

I got my teachers degree at Uppsala Univeritet, studying textile crafts and art. In my current work I focus on teaching traditional techniques as a way of inspiration for new, creative design

About me


Quilting is another of my passions. I prefer modern quilts with an emphasis on improvisation, but I sometimes find myself building my quilts with traditional blocks or joining a BoM (Block of the Month).

There's nothing like joining a comunity and connect with people from all over the world.

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